Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Blog, Earth Day 2010

The theme of this blog will be personal balance, creativity, entrepreneurial endeavor and the celebration of life through a cup of tea. I will start out with a tea that I am sipping, the story behind that blend, where I was in my life when it came about and the often humbling experience surrounding it.

My intention is to be as candid as humanly possible in order to help you, dear readers, find a sip of courage through my own hard knocks and incremental successes. May I inspire you to follow your wildest idea to the edge of the world, where you will find the ability to make that thing you have in you happen. We all have struggles, so let's get through them together, quickly so as not to lose time in getting what we want! Grab a cup of tea and join me for some musings, can't wait to share all of my most useful tips for mistake recovery and tea making with you, Dear friend.

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