Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The art of balancing your needs with your world's needs

My great uncle, the last of the 100% Gypsy blood passed away a couple of months ago and as he departed the earth, he left the perfect message to us who remain: "Be Passionate about your life, do not sit on the fence- God rewards and provides for those who are passionate one way or another." His last words to me. Such a Gypsy way of seeing the world.

I am passionate, otherwise, I would not do what I do. I love our products, the subtle and aromatherapy enhanced blends infusing in a cup of boiling water- the battles for shelf space make me feel alive- as we are changing the world with each tin we put out into the world. I am passionate about my kids, my dear husband who accepts my altars on every flat surface in the house and the constant adventure my schedule holds for us.

Reflecting on a moment with my uncle, I remember when I was working at the Solvang Antique Center (age 21!) selling outrageously priced, but world class collectibles and rare music boxes from Sweden. My uncle, a few days after retirement, waltzed into the store, fell in love with a sunny brunette who worked with me and proceeded to buy a $10,000 music box so he could, "sip wine and listen to the constellations." He and the brunette spent months courting and that music box brought him the greatest pleasure- such a testament to who he was.

Thank God for this heritage of mine, as crazy as it makes me, I am proud. And if Sarkozy wants to kick me out next time I am in Paris- like he is doing to the Gyspies now, I would welcome him to spend a little time getting to know us. We are so much the same, one is just slightly more poor at this stage in life...but we both love wine, music and love...