Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The art of balancing your needs with your world's needs

My great uncle, the last of the 100% Gypsy blood passed away a couple of months ago and as he departed the earth, he left the perfect message to us who remain: "Be Passionate about your life, do not sit on the fence- God rewards and provides for those who are passionate one way or another." His last words to me. Such a Gypsy way of seeing the world.

I am passionate, otherwise, I would not do what I do. I love our products, the subtle and aromatherapy enhanced blends infusing in a cup of boiling water- the battles for shelf space make me feel alive- as we are changing the world with each tin we put out into the world. I am passionate about my kids, my dear husband who accepts my altars on every flat surface in the house and the constant adventure my schedule holds for us.

Reflecting on a moment with my uncle, I remember when I was working at the Solvang Antique Center (age 21!) selling outrageously priced, but world class collectibles and rare music boxes from Sweden. My uncle, a few days after retirement, waltzed into the store, fell in love with a sunny brunette who worked with me and proceeded to buy a $10,000 music box so he could, "sip wine and listen to the constellations." He and the brunette spent months courting and that music box brought him the greatest pleasure- such a testament to who he was.

Thank God for this heritage of mine, as crazy as it makes me, I am proud. And if Sarkozy wants to kick me out next time I am in Paris- like he is doing to the Gyspies now, I would welcome him to spend a little time getting to know us. We are so much the same, one is just slightly more poor at this stage in life...but we both love wine, music and love...


  1. Good timing! October 22nd is the FULL BLUE MOON in the fiery and PASSIONATE sign of Aries.. So very apropos that you claim your passion and share it with the world! Right here. Right now.

    Happy Blogging!

    akka b.

  2. Hi Zhena! I owned a tea shop in Tulsa, OK from 2004-2005 and sold your loose leaf tea in the store, as well as made thousands of cups of tea for the people who came to partake. Life has since brought me to Paris, France. I wanted to say it was this Gypsy Spirit that attracted me to your teas in the first place, and your inspirational story of how the company started was a big part of why I carried the tea. Perhaps drinking all those cups of your tea infused me with the Gypsy Spirit as well, for my journey to France was much in line with what you write here.

    I'm so sad about what has happened with the Roma in France, and saddened that Sarkozy has chosen to handle things the way he did. However, I know the next time you are in Paris, you are certainly welcome in my home. :)

    Best, Zhena. Much love & light to you!